Patagonia Catalog Copy Revised to Better Reflect My Lifestyle (Published online by McSweeney's)


Lesser-Known Writing Fellowships (Published online by McSweeney's)


"Hobby Lobby Protest Crafts" (Published online by The Hairpin)


"Manic Pixie Dream Girl: The Spin-Offs" (Published online by The Rumpus)


"Lean In For Toddlers" (Published online by The New Yorker)


"The Runaway Bunny, as an Adult, Processes a Bout of Depression with his Mother" (Published by The Belladonna.)


“Happy Mommy Pills” (Published in Good Housekeeping) I ate my placenta. Well, part of it. Ten year out from that life choice, it seems super gross and weird. But that is how desperate I was to avoid postpartum depression. (Didn't work! Ha. Ha ha ha. Postpartum depression is terrible.)


"Hope House" (Part of the collection What I Know Now, an anthology of writing about prison.) This is basically my origin story, a la comic book villain. Not that I can lift up buildings or anything. It is just my equivalent story to being irradiated by a vat of green goo. Also, instead of become a villain, I just became a slightly less melodramatic person. Slightly.


"The Messy Truth About Breastfeeding" (Published online by Salon) I like this essay, but I really hate the stock photo they posted with it.


 Electric Literature : a conversation with my friend Dan about Dostoevsky, self-promotion, and cigarettes.


American Short Fiction: A reflection on the struggle to absorb criticism without curling up in the fetal position/plotting maniacal revenge.


Marina Author's "When Mystical Creatures Attack!" makes New York Times notable book list. An article from my hometown paper.


The New York Times

"This dark, rich, little novel in stories shows Founds as a talented moralist of nearly Russian ferocity."



Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review

"Punctuated with marvelous moments of humor and pathos, and no matter the narrative form they take, they uniformly reveal vividly realized characters with complex inner lives."



Kirkus Review

A surreal, dark, and very funny collection that has the emotional punch of a novel."



The Irish Times

"Kathleen Found’s inventive debut collection has the cohesion and clout of a novel."



 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Review

"When Mystical Creatures Attack! dazzles with humor, imagination."

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